Stained glass has been around since at least the 7th century. Back then, it was relegated to monasteries but the beauty of stained glass quickly spread, making it a coveted functional art form in many different applications.

Today, stained glass is still an impeccable investment into your spaces. It can add value to a home, provide distinction to a restaurant or hotel, or have religious symbolism. In fact, stained glass has so many enticing uses you might not have considered. It’s a solid investment that holds its own, lasting for years to come with a look that hasn’t ever gone out of style since its humble beginnings.

Read on and you’ll discover 33 ways Stained Glass Windows can help you use stained glass in any setting!

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1. Altar Furniture

Make the interior beauty of your church have deeper meaning. For lecterns, communion tables, pulpits, altars, and more, you can choose backlit designs that bring even more beauty to times of worship.

2. Bathrooms

Instead of drawing the curtains, let light shine in with stunning hues. A stained glass window or panel in your bathroom allows natural light in while keeping private matters private. It brings more dazzling color and a peaceful setting to gaze upon when soaking in your garden tub.

3. Cabinet Doors

Love repurposing old furniture? So do we! At Stained Glass Windows, we can customize any stained glass design to fit cabinet doors to create a bespoke piece for your wine cellar or bar, or even installed cabinets like in your bathroom or kitchen.

4. Casinos and Pubs

If you own a casino, pub, or bar, nothing adds more class or elegance than a stained glass design. For counter fronts, ceilings, partitions, booths, or signs, you’ll add an element of design, color, and texture to create a vibe that is uniquely your own.

5. Ceilings and Domes

Whether you’re building a new home or want to upgrade your own with a luxurious touch that will never go out of style, consider stained glass for ceilings or creating domes above. It adds brilliant color and an opulent touch, one that well withstand the test of time.

6. Churches, Chapels and Cathedrals

Whether you want religious images or scenes that evoke feelings of peace, stained glass makes a phenomenal addition to churches, chapels, cathedrals, and other places of worship. Stained glass inserts, signage, domes, and even interior illuminations will give your congregation a beautiful place to gather in prayer.

7. Schools, Colleges and Universities

There’s nothing quite as prestigious as stained glass on campus. From the library to the quad, a stained glass fixture, window, or insert elevates the mood with stunning colors and classic charm. Honor supporters of the institution or commemorate a graduating class. There are a multitude of ways to use stained glass in educational settings.

8. Conservatories and Greenhouses

Enjoy the windows to the world without compromising privacy or fading your exquisite collectibles from UV rays with stained glass windows. They’re ideal for outdoor applications like solariums or even a garden greenhouse because they let in all the right light while giving you protection from the sun. Plus, they look stunning year-round, adding a special charm to your property unlike anything else.

9. Religious Imagery, Crosses

No matter which religion you embrace, having a symbol of your devotion is even more beautiful in stained glass. You can choose from a variety of inserts that are easy to hang anywhere or have custom pieces built right into your special spaces of meditation and prayer.

10. Dining Areas

Reduce glares in your dining area while adding a stunning work of art. Stained Glass Windows can build insulated custom-fit windows for your dining area or design a piece that inserts to the size of your existing windows. Allow the light to help illuminate art in your dining space for sheer elegance and delight.

11. Doors

Is your foyer a dark space? Lighten it up with our stained glass panels and a custom-built stained glass front door. While the glass may look dainty, it holds up to impact and weather-related events, allowing you to add a gorgeous light-filled look to your home.

12. Entryway, Sidelights

When they say, “Make an entrance,” think of how your home or business can do that through stained glass. There are a number of ways to shake things up at your entryway. If you’re not keen on replacing your door with one that has stained glass inserts, try flanking it with stained glass windows for an artful and functional entry.

13. Funeral Homes

The warm, illuminating glow of a backlit stained glass insert can be a source of comfort for the grieving. Stained glass adds a reflective and calming feeling into funeral homes, making them feel less clinical and confining to better bring solace to the bereaved.

14. Gazebos

Turn an outdoor space into a stunning world of reflection with stained glass. At the top of a gazebo, you enjoy all the beauty of the sun without all the glare or harsh UV rays. Made to withstand even the worst weather, it reflects color and light to make for a splendid backyard retreat or a place for outdoor celebrations.

15. Hospital Chapels

Those praying over sick or injured loved ones in the hospital can take even more comfort with stained glass designs surrounding them. It adds a less clinical touch to spaces where people come seeking light and love from their religion. Whether as an insert, ceiling, ornamental piece, or even as an acknowledgement from a generous donor, stained glass adds peace and beauty to any hospital chapel.

16. Hotels, Resorts, and Restaurants

Add visual appeal and WOW-factor to any hotel, resort, or restaurant with Stained Glass Windows’ stunning designs. Make a bar pop, add mood-lit artful stained glass panels around the booths, or simply add an impactful element to your lobby. There are many ways to dazzle guests with stained glass!

17. Kitchens

Your kitchen is the heart of your home. Make it beat with love and warmth through a stained glass piece. Change out old windows for something that brings comforting light and design, replace boring cabinet doors with inserts, or even hang a gorgeous custom-made piece depicting something you love. With stained glass, there’s no wrong way to update your kitchen.

18. Libraries

Libraries are wonderful places to learn, study, and simply relax with a good book. The mood inside should reflect that calmness, and what better way than to add stained glass? Whether on a college campus or in a busy downtown library, you can depict local historic events or exhibit gratitude for donors, volunteers, and community members that have all brought generous funds to your library.

19. Offices and Businesses

Stained glass adds a more pleasing mood to any office setup. Partitions of stained glass add aesthetic appeal while muting bright glares to bring light inside in a more attractive and regal way. Consider having your company name or logo added into a stained glass piece that will really make an impression on clientele.

20. Partitions and Dividers

Take a large room and give it form, function, and beauty all in one with stained glass partitions and dividers. They’ll add privacy without restricting light. Movable dividers and screens can enhance flexibility too to give you a multi-functional way to approach setting up spaces.

21. Prayer Rooms

Giving your parishioners a private space to pray is a wonderful gesture, though many churches lack the space to provide such space in a room with windows. Let them feel closer to the Lord with a lit-up stained glass window insert that brings in natural-looking light while giving them a comfortable and stunning place in which to declare their devotions.

22. Residence, Homes

Add more beauty and splendor in any space of your home. We specialize in turning ordinary into extraordinary. Whether you’re building a new home, renovating, remodeling, or simply want something easy to hang in any window, you’ll find a vast selection of sublime stained glass art to create the perfect setting in every room.

23. Retirement Homes

Bring more relaxation and peace to those in retirement homes with stained glass interior designs. The warm color palates and comforting scenes make for great ways to add a more hospitable touch for the residents. Through inserts, doorways, or partitions, stained glass is a functional way to make the elderly feel more at home.

24. Sidelights

For private homes or churches, nothing adds more interior appeal than sidelights. They make doorways look more majestic and are an ideal addition if you’re not willing to change from your heavy wooden door to a stained glass option.

25. Skylight Covers

Thinking of replacing your skylight? Let us create a custom skylight cover out of stained glass instead. They’re shatter resistant plus the block heat and harmful UV rays while bringing in functionally beautiful color and light that changes the whole feel of your interior space.

26. Swimming Pool Rooms

Keep prying eyes away while you luxuriate in the pool without blocking out the light with curtains and blinds. We create gorgeous designs for custom pool rooms that bring in natural light and aesthetics while giving you perfect privacy. Resistant to the elements and ideal for protecting you from dangerous UV rays, it adds a luxurious touch to your pool space.

27. Transom Windows

Another way to bring more naturally beautiful light into your home is to replace your transom window with a stained glass transom. Whether you’re adding it above a new door install or replacing an existing transom on an older home, you will get added UV protection for your furnishings while the long-lasting pigments prevail no matter how hard the sun shines in.

28. Wedding Venues

The majestic appeal of stained glass adds to the beauty of an unforgettable wedding day. Any wedding venue can benefit from installing one of our gorgeous stained glass designs. For rooms that lack windows, the back-lit designs make it appear as though natural light is flowing through to really light up the event and make for a romantic setting.

29. Fireplace Areas

One of the biggest trends in stained glass today is the addition of it to the fireplace area, reflecting classic charm with modern appeal. Adding stained glass to your fireplace area, will be an affordable and beautiful way to give your favorite living spaces the most spectacular makeover that will never go out of style.

30. Tudor Style Windows

Open up your living space with Tudor diamond windows, allowing it to overlook immaculate landscaping, the ocean, or the mountains. Add it to French doors for a more exquisite appeal, either on the interior of your home or leading out to the exterior. Create an enviable look with our Tudor diamond windows that will persist for years to come.

No matter which application for stained glass you need for your home, office, or other setting, StainedGlassWindows.Com is the master of the stained glass world. Browse our incredible selection of designs, all available in any custom size you need, or have us bring your visions to life.

We’re the leader in the industry because we know how to build quality that will outlast us all. Contact us today and let’s craft something stunning for you to add to your world![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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