Stained Glass for Schools, Colleges and Universities
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Stained Glass for Schools, Colleges and Universities

For schools, colleges, and universities, stained glass offers a welcoming and enriching warmth that creates a peaceful setting for learning and studying.

From elementary onward through university and graduate studies, the addition of a custom stained glass installation is a splendid decorative idea. It adds elegance and prestige in entryways, administration offices, libraries, and quads where commemoration is ideal.

Every educational institution benefits from stained glass as it adds to the history with a timelessness unlike anything else. It also creates a more refined setting that encourages students to find peace between the pages of books.

We can help you commemorate each of your graduating classes with stained glass installations. It is also a gorgeous tribute to faculty that have passed on or to show appreciation to a generous donor in an elegant and affordable way.

From simple stained glass light fixtures added to enhance the calming mood of the library or study areas to large installations that cast soothing hues of light around the room, we can help add that esteemed touch your campus deserves.

Stained Glass for School, College and University
Stained Glass for Schools, Colleges and Universities

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We can customize any window you like in your desired shape, color or size!

Splendid panes of religious and royal themes from the late 15th and early 16th centuries can be found at the University of Cambridge’s King’s College.

Stained glass installations make schools, colleges and universities a landmark

  • Add more graceful style to your campus. Our stained glass experts can create customized art or peaceful scenes for you to display on your grounds.
  • Use it for branding. Every school has a logo and a mascot. Yours can be displayed in the most beautiful way through stained glass.
  • Create lasting history through commemorations. Cherished faculty that have retired or passed on can always have a symbol of their life’s work through stained glass.
  • Donations can be landmarked and displayed. Stained glass is a wonderful way to show your gratitude for a generous donor. Create a gallery in a hallway for every donor over the years which can serve as a place of beauty for students to adore too.
  • Bring more life to classrooms, offices, libraries, and hallways. There’s nothing like the dazzling display of lights one of our custom stained glass pieces can bring. Contact us today and let us create something special for your school, college, or university!
Stained Glass for Schools, Colleges, and Universities

Recent Projects

Stained glass shares messages of importance

Does your learning institution have a treasured history? We can create a mural in stained glass form that tells the story of your school. Students will always remember the beauty of it and will be encouraged to learn more from the story they see.

Additionally, as it creates a calm and soothing atmosphere, libraries and study areas are ideal places to display works of stained glass art. Students might be compelled to learn more of this art form that has been going on for centuries and carry it onward.

For stained glass that memorializes a professor that has passed on, it brings to life more than what students will find on a bronzed plaque.

Create more of a museum feeling in your school, college, or university to share the most important messages of your history with faculty, staff, and students alike!

Add a stained glass touch to your today!

Wondering how to increase interest in your school or help students find a safe and calm space to study in? Stained glass is a beautiful and affordable way to encourage students to linger for learning.

We’ll bring your visions to life so that your school library, administration offices, hallways, classrooms, study areas, and student spaces are all reflective of how you’d like them to be. From stained glass window installation to artful masterpieces that can hang in existing windows and commemorate donors and legends, we’ll be there for you through every step of the design process.

Pick from one of our masterful designs or have us create a geometric piece with the school logo or mascot. You have many choices, all of which we’re happy to handcraft and tailor for your campus. Even in settings where no natural light shines, we can create your stained glass piece with backlighting to bring life to dark interior hallways.

Every step of the way, we’ll show you our designs for your campus to ensure you love it. Our stained glass pieces for schools, colleges, and universities will reflect the theme of sophistication and elegance that you desire to elevate the education experience.

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