Stained glass installation is as easy as 1, 2 or 3!

Find out which stained glass installation option is right for you.


Single Pane

With or without hooks
  • Great for quick install
  • Great for decorations
Stained Glass Installation Options
  • Hang or suspend within your window frame by hooks (hardware included)
  • Pressing against your existing glass and trim in with quarter round, moulding or mirror clips
  • Use as an interior room divider
  • Cabinets and furniture inserts
  • Interior transom windows


Triple Pane Unit

Insulated with tempered safety glass and a warm edge spacer
  • Great for home security
  • Great for winter insulation
Stained Glass Installation Options

Stained Glass Installation Options

  • This unit will replace the glass in your existing frame (most all vinyl frames/doors and some wood/aluminum frames)
  • Door insert replacements
  • Great as an interior room divider
  • Helps with sound reduction
  • Easier cleaning and preserves stained glass lead lines
Learn more about the Super Spacer® Premium triple pane seal that we use.


Vinyl Window Frame

Insulated and pre-installed in a frame
  • Great for new construction or window replacement
  • Great for home remodeling
Stained Glass Installation Options

Stained Glass Installation Options

  • Vinyl framing replaces your existing window frame
  • Always order your frame 1/2 inch smaller than your Rough Opening
  • Vinyl frames available with or without the nailing flange
  • Tempered Impact resistant glass
  • Vinyl framing comes in white or almond color
  • Wood sash framing available as well