Our Residential Stained Glass Options for Home Owners is Huge

If you are a home owner looking to redo the interiors or planning on building a new home, you must check out stained glass options that we bring you. There is no limit to the variety in which stained glass can be used to beautify your home. Complementing your sense of style is always our ultimate goal. For this reason, we handcraft exclusive stained glass items just the way you want them.

The Areas of Your Home that Will Look Great with Stained Glass

Bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, hallways, stairwells and even basements come to life when you garnish them with stained glass. We bring you design options such as Frank Lloyd Wright, Art Deco, Celtic designs, Mission among others. If you have an unconventional design in your mind, all you need to do is brief us and we will make it happen. Size and shape are never a constraint when you trust us.

The Stained Glass Pieces of Art for Your Home

Ever considered adorning the wall of your living room with a family crest? Our expert craftsmen can make it a reality. We also bring you artistic entryways, transoms, sidelights, and windows. That’s not all; we even design the cabinetry in your kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms and living rooms. With us, you can let your imagination run wild with combination of different frame materials, colored glasses, and textures.

Custom Designs to Standard Products, We Have them All

From contemporary glazed stained glass designs to the more traditional ones, we store a huge variety for you to choose from. Of course, if you wish to make your home one-of-a-kind, our customization will come handy. It’s an amazing feeling when you know that you’ve been an integral part of the design process. Our experts will listen to your suggestions and email you iterations at every step of the design process.

We specialize in:

What Next?

Our design experts are willing to listen to your ideas and to design your dream home. You can call us anytime at 619-454-9702 or drop us an email.

Victorian style brass came beveled windows made for a clients entryway

Vinyl Framed & Insulated Spider Web Window Used Within a “Tiny House Kitchen”

So Nice!!  Two Hummingbird and Hibiscus Windows Hung In A Kitchen For Color and Beauty 

Classic diamonds and jewels insert installed into a pantry door

Lovely Hummingbird & Flowers Stained Glass Window simply hung with hooks in a kitchen window

Magnificent beveled and clear textured glass window in master bathroom

Colorful hummingbird and flower transom window installed in front of the current mullions

Incredible Color & Beauty!!! Framed And Insulated Floral Stained Glass Window Installed In Shower Area

Classic Fleur De Lis Beveled Glass Entryway Transom Window

Exquisite Stained Glass Window Installed Over Bathtub for Beauty & Privacy

“Loons On The Paddle” Stained Glass Window Hung In A Kitchen Area

Insulated Elegant Beveled Scallop Shell Installed Over A Bathtub

Insulated Stained Glass Palm Tree Window In Shower Area

Amazing! Large Segmented Floral Stained Glass Bathtub Window

Classic Interior Transom Stained & Beveled Window Above Livingroom Entrance

Gorgeous Drop Dead!  All Clear Kitchen Cabinet Inserts

Beautiful Iris Kitchen Cabinet Backlit Stained Glass Inserts

Awesome!  Matching Octopus Transom Windows Installed In Alaska

Tudor Leaded Glass Diamonds Installed Into Door And Sidelites

Two Insulated (Triple Pane) Tempered Glass Units Installed In A Shower Area