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Stained Glass for Swimming Pool Rooms

Turn your pool area into your own private oasis with stained glass designs that bring swimming pool rooms to life.

When your property overlooks the neighbor’s, or you have an indoor pool or an exterior enclave, adding a measure of privacy is essential. Not everyone wants to add a big fence or wall though. That’s why a pool enclosure made from gorgeous stained glass is a wise idea.

We can create a custom swimming pool room that adds an artistic ambience, allowing gentle filtered light into your space through a spectrum of colors. It also keeps neighbors and those passing by from sneaking a peek.

Creating your own private luxury space with your pool area means that you can relax without worry. You’ll feel as though you’ve escaped to a remote resort in the tropics every day. Swim day or night in your swimming pool room surrounded by the safety and beauty of custom stained glass.

Made to withstand severe weather, you’ll never have to worry, rain or shine. There are numerous options available to make your swimming pool room a unique and ambient place to unwind.

Stained Glass for Swimming Pool Rooms
Stained Glass Panels

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We can customize any window you like in your desired shape, color or size!

More and more homeowners are investing in adding luxury features to their home. A secluded swimming pool room is the perfect way to make a home pool feel like a resort.

Strength, Beauty, and Privacy: The Cornerstones of Swimming Pool Rooms

  • Made from shatter-resistant stained glass, our designs are durable and safe to last through any storm you weather.
  • It’s a beautiful way to add a unique touch to your property and shield from unwanted glares, all while still allowing light in.
  • Gates, fences, and walls aren’t as aesthetic as stained glass swimming pool rooms. You’ll find many ways to use them to keep things private behind the glass.
  • UV protection means you can truly enjoy your pool area without damaging your skin out in the sun. When used with sunscreen, you can keep your cool even on the sunniest days.
Stained Glass Panels

Recent Projects

Make a Splash with Stained Glass

Stop dreaming of going to your favorite resort and spa. Instead, turn your swimming pool and hot tub area into a swimming pool room. While it blocks harmful UV rays and curious eyes, it adds a beautiful design element to your home that increases the value.

Open plan designs have been most popular, allowing for a free-flowing space. When you use stained glass for your swimming pool room, you keep things open yet with an air of privacy. It artistically encloses the area without trapping you in to create a sublime oasis in your home.

Get Summer Ready with Stained Glass

Before the summer kicks off, consider having us create a custom swimming pool room for you. With unique designs customized to fit into your space, you’ll find the ideal look to complete your pool area. A variety of styles, colors, and textures awaits to bring artful design every time you swim.

We take pride in using the most durable materials that are shatterproof to prevent any injuries. You can swim with full peace of mind and privacy, enjoying the beautiful life. Even if you don’t know what would look best, we’re here to help from the preliminary design to the installation and beyond.

Contact us today to get something started and soon, you’ll be enjoying your new swimming pool room for years to come!

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