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Stained Glass for Altar and Furniture

Give deeper meaning to times of prayer with stained glasses settings within your altar furniture!

When you enter a place of worship, it’s often the windows and ceilings that garner the most affection. In some locations though, the surroundings are simpler and could do with a bit of a warming touch through stained glass. We offer much more than the chance to upgrade your windows with worship-worthy designs.

We also specialize in creating lecterns, pulpits, altars, communion tables, and more that can take an ordinary room of worship and give it an extraordinary feel.

More modern facilities lack these stunning windows and elements common in the ancient religious world. Yet with us, we can turn an altar into a work of art, backlit with lighting to cast a gorgeous glow on your congregation.

The Lord might be everywhere, but prayer is very personal and when a place feels warm, welcoming, and comfortable, parishioners feel more at ease during their time of worship. We have been crafting divine designs for places of worship since we began our craft.

Altar and Furniture Stained Glass
Stained Glass for Altar and Furniture

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We can customize any window you like in your desired shape, color or size!

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The first stained glass in churches and monasteries was found in Britain from the 7th century.

Stained glass altar furniture is more than beautiful

  • It creates a beautiful appeal even in modern buildings. Some churches space in buildings and by having hand-crafted altar furniture with stained glass, you add an elegant and divine touch to your worship space.
  • The drama is real. People come to services to pray, to repent, to feel closer to the Lord and seek His light. With altar furniture fitted with stained glass, it makes for a more stunning place to pray.
  • It reminds us of the Lord. While you can certainly go with an abstract design or a cross, we can also craft stained glass inserts for your altar furniture with depictions of Jesus, saints, the Virgin Mary, and any other religious figure you desire.
  • It’s affordable and portable. If you’re unable to change the windows in your place of worship, letting us craft stained glass altar furniture spruces up worship space. Movable furniture can be transferred around the stage to make room for choir performances and other happenings at your church while still evoking the comfort of being surrounded by the Lord.
Stained Glass for Altar and Furniture

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Stained glass is a part of religious history

While it started in churches and monasteries, the beauty of stained glass was so beloved by ancient peoples that it became more and more popular with every passing century.

At StainedGlassWindows.Com, we know stained glass is a timeless and functional work of art. When we create altar furniture for your place of worship, we put our hearts into it and use these prized techniques to ensure your altar, pulpit, backdrop, or any other furnishing for your church or chapel comes out with the desired effect, one that inspires awe and comfort in your congregation.

We’re here to help you, every step!

You don’t need to have an idea of what stained glass design you want on your altar furniture. We can help with that. And if you do have something specific in mind, we can take photos and digital programs to turn what you want into a gorgeous stained glass piece that fits your church’s style.

We focus on creating pieces you’ll love by listening to your needs and desires. We want you to feel confident in your church setting and welcome your input during the design process. Once you’re happy, we’ll carry out our craft and bring to life the visions for your altar furniture so that you will love the place you worship even more and have a gorgeous design that brings comfort to everyone in the room.

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