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Exquisite Celtic Cross Stained Glass Window Insulated & Pre-Installed in a vinyl Frame (Insulated In Tempered Glass & Vinyl Framed)

We do not charge to customize this item to fit any shape or for color changes

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Size: 22" wide x 32" high
Item # 11439


Product Details

  • Product Construction: The Celtic Cross Stained Glass Window is insulated between two pieces of impact resistant tempered safety glass and is a highly energy efficient triple paned unit.
  • Hardware Included: Further, it is pre-installed into a high quality white vinyl frame for new construction or window replacement.
  • Installation: This is one complete unit ready to be installed anywhere with ease just like any other normal vinyl window.
  • Custom designs welcomed!We also can make it any size you may need
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Dimensions 22 × 32 in

The Celtic Cross Stained Glass Window can be custom made to any size or colors you need for your specific project