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Stained Glass for Dinning Area

Create a more intimate and entertaining dining area by simply playing upon the wondrous bounty of colors that a stained glass window can paint into your space.

Dining rooms, kitchens, and even restaurant spaces all become more brilliant with a touch of artful design through stained glass. We can change the entire ambience of your dining setting in your home or at a restaurant to reflect a special theme while bringing in an infusion of splendid color.

Shed some new light on dining when you switch to stained glass panels in your windows, or choose inserts to create the look. Even enclosed spaces with no natural light can come alive with backlit stained glass murals that mimic true light.

The design possibilities are endless too. Modern kitchens and dining spaces will thrive with geometric patterns while classic spaces bode well with natural settings. Even a stained glass panel that depicts the rolling Italian vineyards will add a special and unique feel every time you welcome guests to break bread at your table.

Stained glass dome light fixtures are another option to illuminate your dining space from above. This unique way of lighting will add a fun, yet tasteful splash of color while evoking feelings of comfort and relaxation.

Filter out harmful rays from the sun and create pleasing, harmonious colors that light up your space with artistic flair. Any size can be created to fit your needs and change the feel for any dining area.

Stained Glass for Dining Area
Stained Glass for Dinning Area

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We can customize any window you like in your desired shape, color or size!

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Lack window space in your dining area? Try a domed stained glass light or an illuminated stained glass panel to create the feel of natural light anywhere.

Stained Glass Dining Spaces Create a New Level of Warmth in Homes and Restaurants

  • Turn an unwanted glare into something truly special. Stained glass windows and panels make art come alive and work with the light to take out harsh morning or afternoon sun, leaving the room well-lit without causing fading from UV rays.
  • It’s easy and affordable to install, making an impactful change that turns an ordinary dining area into something extraordinary.
  • Feel more compelled to sit and dine as the ever-changing position of the sun creates different feeling in your dining space through your chosen stained glass art.
  • For both home and restaurant dining areas, stained glass brings an element of a beauty and style that is distinctive and unique. With plenty of styles and options to choose from, you’ll create something magical with this simple addition.
Stained Glass Panels

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Stained Glass is Living Art

In your dining area, you can hang beautiful paintings on the walls. No matter how lovely they are though, they never bring in light. Stained glass is different in that it serves as both art and light.

The way the colors play upon your spaces, shifting moods as the sun goes in and out of the clouds, and even at night, you’ll have a different feel during every meal.

Think outside the box with enclosed spaces that get no natural light as stained glass panels can be backlit to create the look of a real window. Dome lighting above your dining area in the way of stained glass turns any dining room into a sophisticated and elegant place to feast.

Let Us Make Your Dining Area Magical

Whether you desire a stained glass panel you can hang in one window of your dining enclave, want to replace your windows with insulated stained glass, or you lack natural lighting of any kind, we can craft an exclusive stained glass design to fit any room. Choose the style you want in the size you need and we’ll be there to install it.

Not sure what would work in your dining area? Our consultants and expert designers can help you come up with a solution that illuminates your dining area to create it as you dream. If you’re building a new home or fashioning a new restaurant with stained glass, we can help from start to finish for a more permanent feature.

You can also choose to go with dome-style lighting to shine down on your table from above to add a stunning appearance in your grand dining room area. Let’s create something together to bring your stained glass design dreams to life every time you dine!

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