When it comes to bathrooms, there are many styles. What everyone can surely agree on is the need for privacy. After all, you don’t want to go through your daily habits while the neighbors stand with mouths agape on the lawn.

For bathrooms with a window as a natural light source, it’s important to protect that privacy. Whether it’s a small window or one that allows a sublime view from the shower or tub, you’ll need to prevent others from seeing into your private life.

One option is to use window blinds or curtains. Both of these offer privacy, but in time, the humid environment of your bathroom wears each of these things down. Unsightly mold and mildew can build on those once-white window blinds, which you’ll have to replace. Curtains can be washed, but they still pick up that mildew smell over time, which is hard to shake.

Plus, there’s one major problem with window blinds and curtains. While they do offer privacy, they shut out the light. When a bathroom feels dark and closed off, it’s not a comfortable experience.

Natural light coming into a bathroom is an enlightening experience. It makes it feel like a spa retreat rather than a public restroom you can’t wait to escape from. It aesthetically pleases the way the sunlight comes into this room, which in turn, boosts your spirits.

Since regular glass panes leave nothing to the imagination, the best option to take back the light for your bathroom is to use stained glass windows. Stained glass windows are designed to endure harsh conditions, particularly the kind your bathroom will provide. It’s moisture-resistant and repels away mold and mildew.

Additionally, it gives privacy while letting natural sunlight come in. Depending on the colors and designs you choose, you could have a rainbow of gorgeous light flowing through your master bath space. The light changes as the day change, creating a living art that will delight you every time. They can be made to match your bathroom décor and style for just about any theme you desire too.

Here are some suggestions for what you can do to brighten your bathroom with this functional form of art!

1. Use a stained glass window over your tub

Bathtub Stained Glass

When looking to buy a home, the master bath is a place of particular concern. It should look inviting and serene, like the kind of place you’d want to unwind. A big jetted tub is a huge selling point, but it can be awkward if there’s a window there. Try tugging on the cord for blinds to come down while you’re in the tub, and you could have an interesting tug of war.

Instead, put stained glass there, and you’ll boost your home’s value. Depending on the design and colors you choose, you can cast your natural light through your bathroom. You can find many options that will allow that light in without anyone seeing more of you than you’d like because of stained glass characteristics.

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2. Stained glass for shower windows

Shower Stained Glass

Windows in the shower are another lovely luxury. Many will be located above where you’d be seen, but not always. You can use a stained glass window insert measured precisely to fit your shower windows. It will help set the theme for your bathroom, perhaps something nautical or aquatic, and allow you to sing in the shower to your heart’s content without worrying that the neighbors can see you.

3. Rethink your shower enclosure

Stained Glass For Bathroom Enclosure Glass

Shower enclosures are much better than having a shower curtain. Yet, they can look dated. And if you’d like to have perhaps some privacy from any small children in your home who have yet to master knocking first, a glass shower enclosure or sliding glass doors with stained glass will transform this look to something more esteemed.

It also has the added privilege of not leaving you on full display so you can truly enjoy the peace of a refreshing shower. This is also a smart alternative for other bathrooms in your home where children or houseguests must share a bathroom, allowing for showering in privacy while someone else uses the sink to brush their teeth.

4. Create light where there is none

Stained Glass For Bathroom Privacy and Light

Do you have a bathroom in your home that is enclosed with no windows at all? Even with good lighting, it still has an artificial quality. You can have a backlit stained glass panel installed to look just like a real window to the outside world. It will cast charming light in the space, and because of how it is encased, it will be safe from humidity, mildew, and mold.

4. Stained glass for exterior bathroom doors

Stained Glass Bathroom Doors

In some homes, a bathroom sits just off the poolside deck, while others lack closure from a master suite. You might want to think about using stained glass doors to add an extra element of design.

For those bathrooms just off the pool area, older homes tend to have a window in the door with window blinds to keep the privacy. It will look so much more distinguished if you replace them with a stained glass window insert to let in the light of day without exposing those using the facilities. Plus, you can pick something that matches your style and theme that reflects the outside of your home, adding an artistic element creatively.

Big Benefits of Using Stained Glass in Your Bathroom

When you choose stained glass windows for your bathroom over curtains or window blinds, you have many benefits.

– Natural light

You’ll be getting the natural sunlight you crave with stained glass. It instantly brightens the mood and sets the stage for a great day.

– More privacy

Have you ever forgotten the blinds or curtains were still open? You’ll never have to worry about stained glass windows in your bathroom. The types of glass used will assure complete privacy every time.

– Works great in humid environments

Unlike window blinds or curtains, you won’t have to worry that the humidity, mold, and mildew will ruin it. Stained glass is resistant to these things, so your bathroom will always look fabulous.

– Creates a more inviting atmosphere

Bathrooms aren’t just for using the toilet. We shower there, luxuriating in the tub for peace, pamper with skin and hair care routines, and more. It creates a soothing and welcoming environment with stained glass that you’ll want to linger in and enjoy thoroughly.

If your bathroom has windows in it, consider beautifying it with stained glass for a more private and beautiful experience that will upgrade your home’s value in an affordable way!

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