Are Stained Glass Windows Expensive? Wondering how much it costs to get stained glass windows? The price will depend on many factors. At, our goal is to help you find the perfect Stained Glass windows and stained glass panels to fit your home and your budget. This guide will help you think about your needs and make the best decision for elevating your space through stained glass.

Stained glass windows for the home can brighten and beautify your space. This is especially true if you have a less than stellar view, turning it into something of a work of art. It also lends more privacy without impeding natural light and can help maximize your energy efficiency too.

Are Stained Glass Windows Expensive? What You Need to Know!
Are Stained Glass Windows Expensive? What You Need to Know!

What factors affect the cost of stained glass windows or panels?

When you’re thinking about stained glass window hangings, stained glass doors, or stained glass windows, there are certain factors that can make them more expensive.

Here’s a rundown of what you should think about when considering commissioning a Stained Glass piece for your home.


You may be able to find a more affordable stained glass window for your home by going with something that is already available. However, don’t let that shy you away from having a custom piece made Do keep in mind that though more complex designs take more time to make and will cost more. But even with simple designs, the type of glass and color you choose can also raise the cost. In general, you can expect projects that involve beveled glass, colored sand-carved glass, or painted glass to be on the more expensive side.

Are Stained Glass Windows Expensive? What You Need to Know!
Are Stained Glass Windows Expensive? What You Need to Know!

Size and materials

Creating stained glass windows takes time. It’s a labor of love, and as such, the larger the piece, the more expensive it will be. If you love the idea of adding stained glass but have a tight budget, a more economical solution may be to hang a stained glass panel in your window. This will add charming design, beauty, and light without the installation cost, another thing to think about.


Most stained glass designs are crafted by fusing colored glass pieces together with the help of lead. However, stained glass can also be created by using special paint on glass which is then fired in a kiln to permanently adhere it to the glass. And since the size and other materials affect the price, it’s a wise idea to inquire about this upfront to see if it fits your budget.

Are Stained Glass Windows Expensive? What You Need to Know!
Are Stained Glass Windows Expensive? What You Need to Know!


How your stained glass piece is finished off can change the price of the project. It can be glazed or have safety glass to protect it from the elements which are recommended if you’re installing it in place of a regular glass window. This preserves the piece and keeps it intact for years to come.

Complexity of the project

Some stained glass window projects can be brought to life through big cuts. Others need small cuts of glass that are fused together. The smaller the pieces, the larger the price as it takes quite a while to piece together.

Are Stained Glass Windows Expensive? What You Need to Know!
Are Stained Glass Windows Expensive? What You Need to Know!

Choice of colors

Colored stained glass windows aren’t always more expensive. If you have a clear glass with bevels and etching, it fetches a higher price tag. If you’d like a colorful stained glass window for your bathroom, you may want to ask about which colors cost more. Cobalt blue uses cobalt in it which makes it more expensive. There are also pink glasses that use gold which can bring the cost up.

Mounting, insulation, and installation

If you want the option to move your stained glass art somewhere else, mounting onto existing glass may be a good choice. Others like stained glass window hangings as they can be moved without any assistance to another location. And of course, if you want to replace the existing windows in your home with stained glass windows, having them insulated will make them great for your home energy costs while protecting your home from inclement weather. Each of these factors will play into how much it costs to create your stained glass window.

Are Stained Glass Windows Expensive? What You Need to Know!

The Bottom Line with Stained Glass Window Costs

As you can see, there are numerous factors that go into making stained glass windows.

To save money, you can look for stained glass window panels from our selection and order one that is ready to hang anywhere you wish. Because there are so many beautiful designs, you may find one that is absolutely perfect for your needs.

But if you want something made just for you or you adore a design that you need in different specs to fit your space, having a custom stained glass window created is the way to go. Just because you’re having it made for you doesn’t mean it will cost tons more over something that is already made and ready to be shipped.

Before commissioning a custom stained glass window, go through the list above. Check the size, think about the materials, consider your color options, and where you want it to be in your home. While installations may fetch a higher price tag, many homeowners are happy they invested in their home with this stunning art form. It adds value back into your property and truly brings it to life with a personality all its own that changes daily depending on the seasons and the weather outdoors.

If you’re interested in stained glass windows for your home, let us know how we can help you find the perfect piece to make your space complete!