Whether you’re customizing a new home from the start or want to remodel your current home, adding stained glass accents is the best way to upgrade it and add value. Stained glass is like built-in art that you can use to express your style or create a mood. With the ever-changing position of the sun and moon, each room you upgrade with stained glass can take on a new feel every hour of the day.

Not sure how you can upgrade your home with stained glass? Here are some ideas to consider when choosing your stained glass windows, panels, doors, accents, and more!

Switch out a transom

Transform your transom with an updated look that adds value to your home!

Transoms were once handy in the olden days to allow air to flow through stagnant rooms. Now, they have a lovely olden charm that begs for a modern makeover. Take out an old transom and turn it from a ho-hum light source to one that adds more style. You can keep it simple with clear, beveled stained glass windows that have geometric designs or you can choose something colorful that reflects your tastes.

With a new home, you can have the design built right in. For an older home, you can simply have it replaced. If you plan to upgrade your home and then put it on the market, choose something that reflects well on the tastes of others. In other words, an ocean-themed stained glass window in a seaside home or a simple geometric stained insulated window may be best for resale purposes because it is appealing to most potential buyers.

Open new doors

Create a brand new feel in your entryway by opening up the space with stained glass doors!

Another ideal way to upgrade your home is to change a stuffy, boring solid core door with an insulated stained glass door. The stained glass is built to endure and keep you secure in your home. A triple pane unit will provide function while the design you choose will create an absolutely beautiful and unique feel in your foyer.

When buying a new home, if you love everything about it except that the front entry seems a bit dark and closed-in, replace that door with one that features a triple pane stained glass piece inserted in it. The effect is even more stunning when you have a double-door entry. This can also be used on the rear doors of your home, perhaps leading to your pool and hot tub rather than typical French or sliding glass doors.

If you’re not up for replacing the doors, you can also flank any door with stained glass windows. These let in more light as well as all the colors of the glass you choose.

Make a splash

Stained glass truly complements bathroom, pool, and spa areas by letting in more light without giving away privacy!

If you’re building a brand new custom home, go for the gold and have stained glass windows or doors installed in your master bathroom suite or in your pool and spa area. With bathrooms, you have so many options to upgrade your home that will add tons of value. When you sell that home someday, buyers will fall in love with your beautiful decorative choices. It’s a permanent work of art that can come in the form of spacious bathroom windows.

Since most homebuyers decide on a home based on how the master bathroom and suite look as well as the kitchen, it pays to upgrade this area of your home. The benefit of upgrading with stained glass window panes is that when you do triple pane installations, they provide strength, protection, and functional art for your bathroom.

Put one in next to your glorious jetted garden tub and you’ll enjoy the mood of the light from outside playing upon the various cuts and colors of the bevels in your stained glass choice. It provides privacy too so you’ll be able to indulge your senses without the nosy neighbors seeing a thing.

If you’re buying a home with a pool or spa, or you plan to put your home up for sale soon, go with a stained glass installation in this area. You’ll have your home sell even faster because it adds that extra element of luxury. Homebuyers want to feel like they’re buying something special. A stained glass window panel or insert into a wall of an infinity pool makes it something everyone will covet at first sight.

Brighten unexpected spaces

Stained glass livens up places in your home that you normally wouldn’t think of!

All homebuyers want a home that virtually welcomes them in. When you upgrade your home with stained glass accents on appropriate places, it will certainly get your house into the closing stages much faster. Perhaps you’ve bought a place that feels more closed and dark than you’d like though just because the neighborhood was great and the price was right up your alley.

Whatever the case, you can use stained glass windows and inserts to fix up even the darkest spaces. Stained glass doors in the entry are one way to do it but many people forget that you can open up spaces within the home with a few perfectly-placed stained glass pieces.

If you have a basement or wine cellar, you can replace the door with one that has a stained glass insert. You can open up a floor plan by replacing a wall with a stained glass installation that will wow your guests. Cabinetry is another often-overlooked way to take home upgrades to the next level. Replacing boring wooden cupboards with stained glass inserts gives your home a fantastic upgrade that looks both modern and classic all at once.

Upgrade even if you don’t own too

You don’t have to make a permanent stained glass installation to enjoy the beauty of stained glass where you live!

Not everyone owns their own property, but if you’re saving up for a home to own, you can get a stained glass panel to hang from any window without incurring the wrath of your landlord. It will instantly change the feel of any rental and give it a more artistic warmth.

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