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Stained Glass for Skylight Covers

Turn the harsh light from your skylight into a spectrum of colorful delights with a stained glass skylight cover!

Skylights are a unique feature for homes to add a peep of sunlight coming in from above. The trouble though is that light is often harsh and unforgiving. You don’t need to cover up that skylight though. A simple stained glass skylight cover will turn that light into a more productive one.

It adds a dazzling and mesmerizing change of colors every day to wash over your spaces. While doing so, it guards from dangerous UV rays to keep you and your loved ones safe under its warming light. They’re strong and long-lasting, plus they add a measure of insulation too so you’ll save on your heating and cooling while enhancing the beauty of your home.

Stained Glass for Skylight Covers
Stained Glass Panels

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We can customize any window you like in your desired shape, color or size!

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Cut energy costs while bringing an artistic focal point into your home. Stained glass skylight covers make this an affordable and simple change.

Color Your World More Brightly

  • Whether you’ve newly built your home and find the skylight too bright or you’re trying to work with an older home, you’ll find stained glass skylights available in any size to meet your needs.
  • It’s strong and shatter-resistant to protect you no matter what impact it may face.
  • Enjoy the beauty of natural sunlight coming in through an array of brilliant colors. You’ll get all the light without the harmful rays of the sun.
  • It protects against heat too so you won’t dread your summer utilities bills.
Stained Glass Panels

Recent Projects

Turn Your Skylight into a Work of Art

In older homes, skylights were randomly placed in kitchens or living rooms to add more sunlight. Today’s homes utilize them on angled ceilings. And while no one can argue that they let in uplifting sunshine, they can heat things up, create a harsh glare at certain hours of the day, and fade furnishings.

A better way to approach your skylight is through stained glass. It’s simple to add a skylight cover to change up your space. These covers are made from glass that protects you from harsh UV rays, allows plenty of light in without casting a shadow of a doubt on the beauty of your home, and serves as a focal point.

You’ll enjoy lower utility bills too with this form of insulation. In a gorgeous selections of designs and styles that fit your life, you’ll find a stained glass skylight cover that works for you!

Everything You Want with Nothing You Don’t

Let us craft something custom-fit for your skylight to enhance the natural lighting in your home. It will protect you from harmful UV rays, serve as functional artwork, and keep your home better insulated no matter the weather.

Browse our incredible selection of designs or simply tell our expert stained glass artisans your visions and we’ll bring them to life.

We’ll be with you throughout this entire process to help plan, design, and install to make sure you love your new stained glass skylight cover.

Contact us today and let’s get started adding a classic element of useful design into your home that you will love forever!

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