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Stained Glass for Fireplace Areas

Create a secure space around the hearth in your home while adding an element of dazzling design with the addition of stained glass fireplace areas.

You’ll find more reasons to gather around the fire together when you add stained glass fireplace areas to your home. The options are infinite for taking a traditional focal point in living spaces and giving it a flourish fulfilled by stained glass.

We can craft a fireplace area out of stained glass for the mantle and surrounding area that plays stunningly off the flickering of flames. Replace a boring wall with stained glass inserts, change the plain glass doors on your gas fireplace to stained glass, or have a moveable stained glass screen added for safety and aesthetics every time you light your fire.

The mosaic of colors come to life making chilly nights cozier and pulling a room together with artistic panache unlike anything else. Most people don’t realize how powerfully a stained glass fireplace area is for pulling the room together. It does so in a way that will never fade from style, adding an upscale feeling that will carry through to generations ahead.

Stained Glass for Fireplace Area
Stained Glass Panels

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One of the biggest trends in stained glass today is the addition of it to the fireplace area, reflecting classic charm with modern appeal.

See How Stained Glass Can Elevate Any Fireplace Area

  • There are many ways to use stained glass to jazz-up the fireplace area. From stained glass fireplace doors to moveable stained glass screens to exterior stained glass mosaics surrounding the fireplace and hearth, the possibilities to create a beautiful centerpiece in your living space are amazing.
  • It creates a more distinctive touch for any and every room in your home and adds more value on top of that.
  • Stained glass fireplace areas never go out of style. They make any space more enchanting.
  • Don’t want to make it a permanent fixture or planning to move soon? A moveable fireplace screen can be used on any fireplace for whenever you change spaces.
  • Fireplace screens and doors made of stained glass add an extra element of safety along with beauty so you can be sure you and your loved ones can enjoy the warmth of the fire without worry.
Stained Glass Panels

Recent Projects

Light Your Fire and Bring Stained Glass to Life

Imagine how much more romantic or cozy that fireplace area in your home can be with the addition of stained glass. You have so many options for adding value to your home through stained glass, and should you choose to sell your property later on, buyers will clamor for yours.

Stained glass around the fireplace does something purely magical. It takes an ordinary mantle and makes it extraordinary. It casts a mesmerizing glow of vivid and rich colors around the room when contained behind stained glass fireplace doors.

It can even be moved with foldable fireplace screens of stained glass when you want the option of versatility. However you choose to add stained glass to your fireplace area, it will be an affordable and beautiful way to give your favorite living spaces a most spectacular makeover that will never go out of style!

Let Us Light Up Your Fireplace Space with Stained Glass

We have extensive experience in turning fireplace areas into charming works of art through stained glass. Let our expert stained glass artisans craft something for you in the styles, colors, designs, and textures you dream of. Even if you only have a vague idea of your vision, we can bring it to life.

We’ll be there with you from the preliminary design phase to the installation and beyond to ensure your home hearth is just as you dreamed it would be. From geometric patterns to rich and bold sceneries and beyond, we’ll build something that sparks your imagination and joy every time you gather with loved ones around the fire.

Our top quality materials ensure safety and durability to withstand for years to come, leaving you with a warming atmosphere that’s one of a kind!

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