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Stained Glass Ceilings and Domes

Add depth and design to any room in a holy setting, lobby, restaurant, resort, or bar with one of our custom-made stained glass ceilings and domes!

Whether you want to add more light of reverence to a worship space or simply create a memorable entrance for your office or resort lobby, restaurant, bar or casino, consider adding a stained glass ceiling or dome. For new construction or even as a renovation, the modular design crafts new colors and light into any space. Even without natural lighting, we can achieve this through backlighting to turn a dark space into something bright, memorable, and artistic.

We know how to handle the challenges of adding an element of design to a stagnant space. Holy services seem more meaningful under the beauty of custom religious designs while other buildings deserve a touch of something unique with a dome or ceiling crafted expertly from stained glass.

With myriad designs, colors, and styles, we can help turn a basic place into something that brings that WOW-factor. By using panels, we’re able to achieve any look to illuminate our stained glass domes and ceilings for an ethereal, enticing, or simply luxurious surrounding.

Stained Glass for Ceiling and Domes
Stained Glass for Ceilings and Domes

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We can customize any window you like in your desired shape, color or size!

While stained glass is often associated with holy places, it has gained traction for creating unique designs that tell stories in modern locales.

Stained glass ceilings and domes bring out the best in any space

  • Create more drama in an entryway to an executive lobby downtown, or in a hotel or resort space. The dazzling light that comes through in a medley of colors will delight all those that enter.
  • It adds light even without any exterior light source. A downstairs bar, interior restaurant, or casino space will flourish with the addition of lighting that looks warm and inviting. When we customize your stained glass ceiling or dome, it adds a stunning appeal that guests will gravitate toward.
  • It’s richly aesthetic. Not everyone remembers the details of other decor, but they will always remember a stained glass focal point.
  • For churches and chapels, it creates wondrous harmony. Worship spaces always feel more special and connected to the Lord when they are outfitted with stained glass ceilings or domes.
  • It’s an affordable way to change up space with a lasting style. When you add decor in a restaurant, office building, hotel, or resort, it will always need updating. Stained glass is timeless and built to last. It will never go out of style, adding value to your property for all of time.
Stained Glass for Skylight, Ceilings and Domes

Recent Projects

Be a part of the stained glass revival

Stained glass designs have again become popular after their renaissance in the mid-19th century. The only reason it had an abrupt halt was due to the Great Depression and WWII. Since then it began to flourish once again. While intensely popular in religious settings, stained glass is becoming the accessory of choice to adorn a variety of spaces.

At StainedGlassWindows.Com, we are approached by churches, cathedrals, businesses, restaurants, and resorts alike to craft one-of-a-kind designs for ceilings and domes. We love the fact that it has become so popular as a point of focus that starts from above.

It truly lights up any room. Even with no natural light coming in, our experts can help create a design that illuminates your space with rich and stunning colors in designs that make a memorable and lasting impact.

Custom stained glass domes and ceilings

No matter what you envision, we’d love to help turn your place of worship into a breathtaking and serene surrounding. It will be the kind of place where couples embrace in the Lord for their wedding vows or babies get their first baptism under the brilliant colors from the glass above.

In restaurants, lobbies, hotels, resorts, and casinos, we can show you ideas for how to make any space look bigger, more artistic, and more dazzling by installing stained glass ceilings or domes.

With backlit options as well as experience working with new construction, we consult with you about what you want for designs. Natural scenes, geometric, religious, or any theme can be crafted just for you. We’ll show you what we’re doing with each step to ensure your satisfaction.

Our stained glass ceilings and domes will be an absolute reflection of the theme and tone you want to add a glorious finish to any space.

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