Stained glass art started in gothic forms in cathedrals. Now, it can add that gothic style to your home or worship space.

Gothic stained glass was once only seen in the magnificent Catholic cathedrals in Europe. This centuries-old art form was made for everyone to enjoy and now, you can delight in gothic stained glass styles in your personal or worship spaces.

Stained glasses creates a reverent look anywhere. Whether you want to display one of our beautiful gothic stained glass crosses hanging in your kitchen or you want it fashioned into a backlit illuminated window for your church, you’ll find what you’re looking for right here.

Each of our gothic stained glass windows, panels, and hangings can be custom-made into any size you need. We only choose high-quality materials for every item we create. Looking for a different gothic glass design? We can make something tailored the way you want it from different colored stained glass and styles.

Gothic art when created in stained glass is very appealing. You’ll feel closer to the Lord when you have a devoted place to display your stained glass gothic art. If your church or place of worship needs more light coming in or you want to temper a glare from the sun, choose gothic stained glass to create a beautiful effect.

Send us your design for a FREE quote: We have so many gothic stained glass options for you. Browse our selection and order what you like as-is, or request a custom size in one of our available gothic designs. We can change the shape, size, and color as you wish. As always, if there’s something you envision to be created completely originally, send us your design and we’ll give you a quote absolutely FREE!

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