Whether you are looking for the perfect decor for your home or office, our bedazzling stained glass panels with roses gives your space the charm that you want.

All our handcrafted stained glass with roses comes in a beautiful bouquet of colors; you’ll wish you had more space to hang them in. Our leaded stained glass window panel with a combination of birds, butterflies and roses is delicately designed with several stunning glass pieces to add more opulence to your space.

Mount our incredible hummingbird and roses stained glass by your window where it can catch the morning light to experience a breathtaking atmosphere in your room every morning. Our single rose-themed colored glass panel glow brightly and come with hooks and chains for easy hanging. This spectacular piece features a single red rose with tones of red and green color adds a garden touch to your interior.

Send us your design for a FREE quote: Different rose colors mean different things to different people. Select any of our rose themed stained glass designs or have it customized into any shape, size and colors of your choice -OR- Send us your design pictures for a FREE quote.

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