Contemporary stained glass takes this classic form of art and design, allowing it to work with today’s architecture.

When we think of contemporary art, we think of shapes, geometry, and city-centric appeal. Today’s homes have all the most up-to-date touches, but that doesn’t mean they can’t benefit from a nod to the past. With contemporary stained glass designs, you can have the best of a classic art form with a futuristic feel. It’s multi-functional for art and lighting, evolved from contemporary artists that once stole our hearts like Andy Warhol Jean-Michel Basquiat, and Keith Haring.

Contemporary Leaded Stained Glass

Our contemporary stained glass designs come in leaded stained glass windows, panels, and insulated installation pieces to add more panache to your palatial estate or business.

The Ramona is an exquisite and vibrant stained glass offering with squares, rectangles, and triangles in an array of blue hues, ideal for a seaside home. Our Sugarloaf stained glass panel is an ideal insert for your front door, adding in more light with a classically contemporary feel and sturdy protection.

Anything you see here in our contemporary collection of stained glass offerings from windows to panels to hangings can be constructed into any size you need. All top quality materials ensure they’re built to last though our insulated pieces provide the most security and stability while keeping your energy consumption down.

Stained glass contemporary art is very versatile for new home construction, revamping older homes with a brighter feeling, or even with businesses that want to add privacy and style in one.

Send us your design for a FREE quote: Choose our contemporary stained glass any way you want it. They make for ideal accentuation. We can customize them in size, shape, and color or even make something based on your design visions. If you have something specific in mind, send us your design and we’ll send you a FREE quote so we can get started creating contemporary stained glass designs exclusively for you.

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