Make your windows glitter with our peacock themed stained glass panels and hangings.

The majestic feature of the peacock and its elegant colorful feathers remains an inspiration for designers. With its class, it adds a distinctive decorative character to your spaces, whether homes or offices.

Consider a stained glass hanging with peacock designs across your doorway or a fireplace mantel for some glam and let the sunlight combine with the colors for some amazing aesthetic magic. If you love to distinguish your home from others within a neighborhood, our stained glass with peacock and blossoms will be just perfect.

The delicate array of blue colors and a bright yellow sun in the corner will harmonize nicely with your front porch, especially if you have some fine green grasses out front. Our colorful peacock and grape clusters stained glass can be placed over your wine counter mixed up with some subtle lighting to allow the true beauty of your wines to shine across and add extravagant luxury to your wine space.

Browse our peacock tail themed stained glass panels to find something that resonates with your decorative ideas or view all the exceptional bird-themed stained glass patterns that we offer.

Send us your design for a FREE quote: Select any of our peacock themed stained glass panels or have it customized into any shape, size and colors of your choice -OR- Send us your design pictures for a FREE quote.

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