Bring the splendor of heavens into your living room with our angel inspired stained glass panels.

Angels symbolize love, purity and protection. Stained glass panels with angels are perfect ornaments for any space with the solemn and calm decor theme. Our timeless combinations of angels and garden designs crafted artistically with several glass pieces will make your home radiate, just like the cherubic gardens.

Explore our angel of seashore that can beautifully captures the sunlight outside your window and diffuse it into your room in peaceful tones of blue and white. If you prefer a bouquet of colors, you can mount our unique custom made Heliconia and Palm Lear stained glass near your windows with its brilliant play of green, yellow, red, and blue flowered designs.

Fill your room with splendor with our angel playing harp stained glass windows with hooks, mounting hardware and hanging chains for easy installation. Colors on our stained glass window with angels are mostly a bouquet or white tones and blue.

Send us your design for a FREE quote: Select any of our angel themed stained glass designs or have it customized into any shape, size and colors of your choice. Mix and match designs with flowers, doves and angels for a complete heavenly themed decor -OR- Send us your design pictures for a FREE quote.

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