Create a modern look with a timeless functional art form with our stunning abstract stained glass windows.

Abstract art is all about geometric shapes and design. It’s Picasso, Matisse, and Mondrian, a style that takes rudimentary forms and converts them into something extraordinary. With stained glass, there is great appeal with abstract designs. Your new home has modern features, so why not choose an abstract stained glass French door like our Spectrum design with boxes of overlapping reds, blues, and greens that make an impactful entryway to make your home unique.

Our stained glass windows, panels, and hangings can be custom-crafted into the size you need. Each one is made with the most intensive of care from high-quality materials. Choose from our robust collection of abstract stained glass designs and you’ll discover more than shapes to adorn the windows of your home. Find palm trees, music, and even aquatic themes. Have something else in mind for an abstract design? Contact us and we can create exactly what you envision.

Abstract art in the form of stained glass is also a wonderful touch for your office building to give it a modern appeal while channeling in more light. Stained glass adds privacy while bending the light so rather than cover up a glare and make things dark and stuffy, use stained glass to create a beautiful look.

Stained glass panels certainly add a more compelling element in home and office designs and with abstract designs, can serve a multitude of functions that bring in more light in a flattering way. If you have a modernly designed space that you’d like to accentuate, think of abstract stained glass designs to fit in any window, door, or ceiling you desire.

Send us your design for a FREE quote: The possibilities truly are endless! Choose from any of our abstract stained glass designs and order it as-is, or have it customized to any shape, size, or color of your choice. Want something original? Send us your design for a FREE quote!

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