Stained glass windows are undeniably beautiful, but did you know they can reduce your costs as well as your carbon footprints?

In the olden days, stained glass was more of a statement and work of art than a way to maximize efficiency. But now, old stained glass windows are being restored so that they bring that element of beauty and grace along with energy efficiency.

How Stained Glass is More Efficient

Whether you have existing windows or are having a new space built, stained glass windows can increase insulation of your home, office or business. Plus, it has a charming aesthetic value. It lights up the space with a stunningly beautiful array of colors and prisms, unlike regular glass.

As a focal point for your room, it’s elegant and well-crafted, drawing from timeless traditions of intricate details. With that, it adds more value to the spaces you install stained glass into. Many stained glass windows offer more privacy without compromising brightness to make a space that normally felt a bit closed in feel open and welcoming.

Take all that beauty and pair it with existing windows, and you’ll have more efficient heating and cooling in your home. It’s as simple as that if you’re looking for a quick fix that adds a special element of design, all while improving the functionality and value of your home.

Stained Glass Installation to Reduce Your Costs

Look back through history, and you’ll see that stained glass was all about appearances. Today, those appearances come with hidden benefits for your home or business. Back then, stained glass windows were simply a single pane, but these days, we can insulate a single pane with stained glass or insulate a historic stained glass window to make it a functional form of art.

Even with new installations in an existing home or a brand-new build, stained glass windows have come into their own for providing a better way to reduce costs and that carbon footprint. And they do so quite beautifully if we do say so ourselves!

A classic transom with stained glass can be transformed so that it won’t leak out your heating or cooling, keeping your interior spaces comfortable in all seasons. New stained glass pieces can be installed in an insulated way, providing greater protection from wild weather and updating your look with hidden efficiencies.

Value-Added Efficiency and Beauty in One

One of the single smartest investments you can make into upgrades in your home is choosing stained glass for homeowners. It’s timeless and will never go out of style. Plus, it will save you money on the cost of energy. With the spacing between the panes, it adds more insulation. You can also double-glaze for even more efficiency in energy. It does all this while adding value to your home, creating demand and curb appeal. That will make your house worth more – whether you want to sell it someday down the road or build equity.

Sustainability Through Stained Glass

Wondering how stained glass windows can reduce your carbon footprint?

If you’re restoring your windows, they won’t be going to a landfill and add to the planet’s problems. Restoring existing windows with stained glass only takes labor too, so while you’re avoiding making more waste, you’re boosting the local economy.

All the while, you get energy savings thanks to the weather-proofing and insulation used in stained glass triple panes or insulated frames.

By taking these types of measures, you’re doing better for the planet as well as for yourself. Every step we can take together to prevent wastefulness in every facet of life goes a long way.

With stained glass, you’ll have a beautiful reminder every day about how you were able to reduce costs and your carbon footprint. You’ll opt for using that natural colorful light spun through the details of your stained glass window panes rather than turning on artificial light too, which will further keep your costs down.

Taking the Pain Out of Costs with Stained Glass Window Panes

When you create custom stained glass pieces, you can have them made with triple-pane glass or with a vinyl window frame. This allows for better insulation and lower energy costs. It also costs much less than you’d expect.

Here’s what that means for your home and overall efficiency!

Triple Pane Units: One option for making your home more energy efficient when working with windows is to consider a triple pane unit. These are insulated with tempered safety glass and include a warm edge spacer. Not only is it a smart move in colder climates to keep the frigid winter air from making your furnace work harder, but it also provides additional security for your home.

Would-be criminals can’t breakthrough. Conversely, neither can forceful weather elements, which further upgrades the value of your home.

When you have a stained glass window installed as a triple pane unit, it replaces the glass in your existing frame. You can do this for most vinyl frames and doors and some wood or aluminum frames.

Triple pane units make great door insert replacements, which add a more stylish look to your entryway. It also lets light shine into an otherwise dark and dreary foyer, changing the look and the mood immediately. Because it’s so strong, it reduces sound and is built solid so it can’t be smashed in. It’s a great alternative when you want to give your home a new look but aren’t sure where to start, one that is as affordable as it is beautiful too.

Vinyl Window Frame: Another great option with stained glass windows is to choose a vinyl window frame. It’s insulated and pre-installed into a frame. You might want this beautiful and energy-efficient option if you are replacing existing windows or having new construction.

Many homeowners go with a vinyl window frame when remodeling. This instantly updates the look and efficiency of your home and adds value in two ways. The first way is by making your home more energy-efficient. The second way is by adding a unique and lasting design element.

There are so many options for this type of stained glass window installation too. It can add privacy without taking away natural light sources so you can bask in the glory of your own home without pulling all the blinds or curtains shut. The tempered impact-resistant glass keeps you safe too.

Choose from white, clay, or almond for the frame color. Not sure what to choose? Talk to our experts to help you make a custom stained glass window that will help your home become more efficient, more sustainable, and more beautiful all in one!

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