Shower Windows: How to Make them More Functional and Beautiful

Shower windows can be a blessing in design for your home. They bring in natural light that can make even a small space feel larger and airier. However, a window in the shower may also present some problems for maintaining your home. Before you decide to get rid of it, you should learn more about how to make your shower windows more functional and beautiful to add value to your home that will last for years to come.

How to Protect a Window in the Shower

In your shower, every part of it will be exposed to water. However, the area that is most prone to water is below the showerhead. If your shower window is located in this zone, it can be a major point of intrusion for the walls where water can get in and cause damage over time. Waterproofing your shower window can limit this intrusion and keep the damage from destroying your wall, as well as prevent the kind of headaches associated with these types of repairs.

Many people just hang a shower curtain in front of the window which isn’t exactly appealing. It’s also just a temporary way to help protect your window in the shower. You can waterproof your shower window in a number of ways though. Some people opt to remove the window entirely or relocate it so it is above the showerhead or useing waterproof blinds for shower windows.

Removing the window completely without replacing it isn’t the best idea though. While it will solve those water woes as well as protect your privacy, it’s going to detract from the appearance of your home. It will lower the value of your property and make your bathroom feel dark and enclosed.

waterproof shower windows

With older homes in particular, you’ll want to know more about waterproofing a shower window. When that window trim gets water-logged, it will rot. It also allows the water to get in behind the window. You can caulk around the window trim when you see it looks worn to help things out. Ideally, you’ll remember to dry your window sill to protect it after you waterproof it.

Still, those older shower windows will likely need to be replaced, no matter how well you waterproof the area. There are other options you should consider for improving your shower windows and increasing their durability, functionality, and aesthetic.

Privacy Glass for Bathroom Window

If you have a shower with a window inside of it, you’ll likely worry about privacy.
Hanging a curtain there may not be practical. It gets more easily worn with mold and mildew, plus it can make your bathroom feel darker and less inviting.

Choosing privacy glass for a bathroom window is an effective solution because you’ll no longer need to cover that window up. In the case of older homes, your shower may have a huge window in it because that shower replaced a tub. Now you find you’re standing front and center for the neighbors to see and while a curtain will help protect your privacy, it’s just not beautiful.

Frosted windows for the bathroom are an excellent solution for they let in plenty of light while keeping things private. Privacy Glass for the bathroom window is a must for doing away with those withered bathroom curtains and letting more light into your home.

A shower with a window inside creates a more inviting environment for anyone using the bathroom.

It allows the light from outside to come in which can make it look larger. In the mornings, this can boost your mood. It also gives you more natural light while showering.

Of course, no one wants to be on display, which is why a bathroom window with frosted glass can save the day. But there’s a far better way to bring in natural light while protecting your privacy as you use your bathroom. That shower window will add even more value to your home if you replace it with stained glass.

Stained glass windows can be crafted to all shapes and sizes. They can be insulated and reinforced so that they provide protection to your home from the elements, stand up to the wet environment in your shower, and keep prying eyes from watching you while you wash your hair.

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Shower Windows
Shower Windows

Bathroom Remodel with Window in Shower

If you have a shower window, you may want to consider a bathroom remodel to update the look of your home. When your shower itself is older, this upgrade can enhance your home. For those that have a shower window there already, you may wonder if you should get rid of it altogether or do something with your bathroom remodel with a window in the shower.

And if you don’t have a window in your shower or bathroom, you may want to add one to brighten things up. This is why stained glass windows may be the best investment to make because you can create a classic or modern look, make it reflect your personal tastes, and add the privacy you need without blocking out natural light.

It’s going to add much more value to your home should you ever decide to sell it.

Plus, you’ll love your bathroom even more with the addition of stained glass.
Should your bathroom be an interior room with no way to create a window to the outdoors, you can add stained glass panel lighting in your bathroom to fake the look.

There are so many options but once you see how stained glass can upgrade your shower windows, you’ll want to choose that over plain frosted windows to create the kind of design that will upgrade your home’s value in the best way.

Shower Windows
Shower Windows