The Beautiful! “Cupertino” Stained Glass Window Panel

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customize to fit any shape

Size: 24" wide x 50" high
Item # 15958


Description: Transform your living space into the kind of palatial design you deserve. Our beautiful Cupertino stained glass window panel brings the light with a decadent design that evokes images of Greek charm with classic California opulence. Marbled ivory glass gives the look of an odyssey-like experience while ornate blue and white geometric flowers adorn the panel. With textured clear glass, it preserves privacy while exuding a prestigious air for any room in your home.

  • 100% hand cut & soldered stained glass panel made inch by inch
  • The stained glass comes with hooks, chain and hardware to easily suspend this panel in your window with ease.
  • This panel can be ordered with no hooks on request so it may be mounted.
  • We also can frame and insulate it or make it any size you may need. Custom designs welcomed!
  • Please email us for an instant quote!
Dimensions 24 × 50 in

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