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The “Incredible Cresting wave” Leaded Stained Glass Window (Insulated In Tempered Glass & Vinyl Framed)

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Size: 36" wide x 36" high
Item # 14481


Product Details

There’s something magical in the way a wave arcs. This incredible cresting wave leaded stained glass window design is an artful composition of waves in motion. This cresting wave is insulated in tempered glass and vinyl framed making it the ideal way to replace an existing window in your home, perhaps in a bathroom to add a pop of blue to minimalist and wooden furniture or overlooking the enchanting pool area. It can also be built into new construction, affording you more energy efficiency and design all in one flowing move.

  • Product Construction: The stained glass is insulated between two pieces of impact resistant tempered safety glass and is a highly energy efficient triple paned unit.
  • Hardware Included: Further, it is pre-installed into a high quality white vinyl frame for new construction or window replacement.
  • Installation: This is one complete unit ready to be installed anywhere with ease just like any other normal vinyl window.
  • Custom designs welcomed!We also can make it any size you may need
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Dimensions 36 × 36 in


The “Incredible Cresting wave” Leaded Stained Glass Window can be custom made to any size or colors you need for your specific project