Colorful! Octopus & Jellyfish Stained Glass Window Panel

Item # 15951


Size: 18" wide x 26" high
  • Custom Sizing Available
  • Custom Coloring Available

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Optional Triple pane IG thermal units

Duraseal® warm-edge spacer

Highest quality Seal available on the market
Duraseal® warm-edge spacer

Product Details

The mysterious abyss under the sea comes to life with this colorful octopus and jellyfish stained glass window panel. The dazzling array of colors begin with a backdrop of multi-colored blue stained glass ocean waters, becoming complete with the rose-toned jellyfish and the magnificent reds and oranges of the octopus. It’s an ideal stained glass panel addition to your indoor or outdoor pool area, poolside bar, or even in your master bathroom to add rich hues of light by your oversized tub without giving away privacy.

  • Product Construction: 100% hand cut & soldered Stained Glass Panel made inch by inch
  • Hardware Included: The Octopus & Jellyfish Stained Glass Window Panel comes with hooks, chain, and hardware to easily suspend this panel in your window with ease.
  • Installation: This panel can be ordered with no hooks on request so it may be mounted.
  • Custom designs welcomed! We also can frame and insulate it or make it any size you may need.
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We do not charge to customize this item to fit any shape or for color changes


The Octopus & Jellyfish Stained Glass Window Panel can be custom made to any size or colors you need for your specific project

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Dimensions 18 × 26 in

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