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Tempered glass insulated trimmed in on-site

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Client Objective:

Client had wood sash frames that were rotting and needed to be replaced.  Sizes of his frames were, 27 7/8″ W x 53 5/8″ H middle frame, and sides, 13 7/8″ x 53 5/8″ H.  We decided to maximize glass size and provide stained glass, sealed within tempered glass, 1″ total thickness, to fill the entire area, the sizes listed, rather than providing the stained glass in new wood sash frames.  Clients current windows have wood mullions, so we used that idea to create a similar flow of design in glass.  Client wood stopped them in on site himself, creating new frames, and they turned out gorgeous.   He decided to have us create two stained glass, sealed within tempered glass, 1″ thick units to replace the dual pane clear window glass sidelites on either side of his front door.  Dual pane units in fiberglass doors and vinyl frames can easily be replaced with new triple pane stained glass.   We used a Victorian theme with cobalt blue accents, water glass background, crystal ice clear textured glass for the borders and custom beveled glass.  The finished project creates a gorgeous entryway.  Beautiful from the inside and outside of the home.  Shipped from us in San Diego to our client in Plainville MA

Project ID Number: 27910

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