Customer Request:

  • Custom panels for existing front doors
  • Customer grew up near a pond and requested a design with egrets to remind her of her of her childhood.
  • Gated home, so no need for privacy glass.


  • Designer recommended to have each panel look the same, but mirrored images of each other.
  • Customer wanted each egret to look a little bit different, perhaps one stretched and looking up, the other in a regular stance, and the background just slightly different.
  • With a couple different modifications, the image gave an illusion of a continuous pattern and represented exactly what the customer envisioned.


  • Once the patterns were approved, the designer sent the patterns down to the stained glass handcrafting studio to start production, which includes cutting, assembling, and soldering the panels together.
  • Once the panels were completed, final finished photos were emailed to the customer for approval before being crated and shipped out for the customer to install.

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