Awesome! Hawaiian Stand up Paddle Board Surfer & Sunset

We do not charge to customize this item to fit any shape or for color changes

customize to fit any shape

Size: 28" wide x 18" high
Item # 7830


Colorful Hawaiian scenes make for the best way to add a tropical influence to your home. Nothing could be more Hawaiian that our stand-up paddle board surfer at sunset.

Riding the waves back into shore, the fiery sky beckons to swallow the sun whole while the ocean swirls below. The beautiful palate of colors will be a heavenly accent in your favorite room.

  • The stained glass is insulated between two pieces of impact resistant tempered safety glass and is a highly energy efficient triple paned unit.
  • Further, it is pre-installed into a high quality white vinyl frame for new construction or window replacement. This is one complete unit ready to be installed anywhere with ease just like any other normal vinyl window.
  • We also can make it any size you may need. Custom designs welcomed!
  • Please email us for an instant quote!
Dimensions 28 × 18 in