We Design Stunning Stained Glass Art for Commercial and Religious Use

We have been in the forefront of stained glass designs in the United States for close to two decades and understand the sensitivities of our clients. We have had the privilege of designing some of the well known commercial and religious structures in and around San Diego area. Today, we not only service clients across the Continental America, but also ship our items beyond the borders.

The unique aspect about stained glass is that they go well with any setting. While stained glass items have adorned churches for ages, the contemporary designs have made them a perfect match for commercial establishments too. We design handcrafted designs that will have a pleasing effect on any passerby.

Allow Us to Adorn Your Church with Our Stained Glass

Stained glass decorative pieces have the ability to make people stop and take notice. This is perhaps the reason why people throughout the world have embraced stained glass with equal vigor. In churches, stained glass murals tell the story of life that Lord Jesus once led. We design stained glass murals that will have a profound effect on your congregation. We also make it a point to take your thoughts and inputs into consideration and even bring you design iterations in an ongoing basis during the design process.

Let’s Bring Out the Persona of Your Business through Beautiful Stained Glass

For commercial establishments, interiors can mean the difference between a thriving business and getting the fingers burnt. No restaurant or a business can survive in today’s competitive world without a persona that stands out. With years of experience under our belt, we can project your business exactly the way you want. All we need is just a bit of input from your side. We design stained glasses for pubs, restaurants, casinos, hotels, retail stores, malls, offices, clubs, cruises, spas and salons.

We specialize in:

We can Start from Scratch or Simply Redesign Your Establishment

We would love to discuss what you have in mind. You can call us anytime at 619-454-9702 or drop us an email. Let’s make it happen together!

Two stained glass bird & flowers panels made for each side of a transom in a Church entryway

Simple & classic windows installed in a senior living facility

Beautiful custom made windows for a Church/Chapel in Las Vegas

Segmented Stained Glass Church Windows

Stained Glass Light Boxes At The Cliffview Bar in Michigan

Elegant! A Beautiful Compass Rose Beveled Window Installed In A Home Office

Personalized stained glass hanging panel for a home brewery

San Diego Ronald McDonald House Stained Glass Door And Illuminated Wall Inserts

Wow!!! Massive 66″ Round (Triple Pane) Celtic Stained Glass Window

Triple Pane (insulated) Stained Glass insert Installed Into A Camper Door

So Much Drama!! Our Dove Stained Glass Panel Used Center Stage At A Play in Chicago

Mission/Craftsman style stained glass windows “Minimal install” with reflections!

Stained glass panel with lettering added to use as a sign for an Author/Photographer

Wow! Custom Made Ferrari & Maserati Clear Beveled Windows Made for A High End Garage

Stained Glass Ceiling Light Panels In a Commercial Kitchen In New York City

Beautiful Stained Glass Wall Partition

Stained Glass Panel Hung Outdoors ( We make signs too!)

Beautiful Custom Stained Glass Family Crest We Recently Made For A Client

Vibrant! Stained Glass Cross Window Installed In Church

Custom Designed Stained Glass Window Inserts Made For A Church